Ask Again Later, Magic 8-Ball Tee –
Ask Again Later, Magic 8-Ball Tee
Ask Again Later, Magic 8-Ball Tee

Ask Again Later, Magic 8-Ball Tee

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I don't think I ever actually had a fortune telling Magic 8-Ball of my own, did you?

A neighbour of mine had one and looking back, it's funny how many of the responses would irritate us in our teenagehood cos they were so bloody vague, but actually come in really handy in adulthood.

"Can Ella come over on Friday?"

"What's for dinner?!"

"Are we going swimming on Saturday?"

"Where's my other football sock?"

"Are you coming out on Friday after work?"

" ASK AGAIN LATER" aka "I hope you wait long enough to forget about it"

What's so good about Revolting Girls tshirts?!

All of Revolting Girls tshirts are FairWear certified; I know you're wondering what that even means so here's a blog post I wrote with the scoop about how ace it is.

They're also made from 100% organic ringspun combed cotton (again, more gobsmacking info here) which makes them SUPER soft, durable and full of feeling-good-cos-its-way-better-than-non-organic-ness.

Our tshirts are PETA certified as vegan friendly, so you can be sure that none of our furry friends have been killed or harmed in their manufacture. And by 'furry friends' I mean animals and not my post summer legs.

To cut a long story short:

Commitment phobic Magic 8-Balls would irritate the shit out us of then, but maybe they were on to something; be as vague as possible in your answer, and people might stop asking so many questions.

Having "ASK AGAIN LATER" on your chest would certainly get the message across to potential pesterers: I see a future when you stop bothering me, now do one.


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