About – revoltinggirls.com


So let me tell you more about Revolting Girls...

We (myself and himself) have spent months now creating totally original, vibrant, ballsy, empowering and inclusive designs which are now available as tees, sweatshirts and mounted prints.

We've taken inspiration from pop culture, real life role models, inspirational icons, ridiculous puns and the girls and women we know and love to create something we know you'll be mad about, and something infinitely more meaningful and moving than polka dots, pearls and ponies.

Initially, the apparel was going to be available exclusively in kids sizes with the aim of offering girls something different and far more 'them' than what they might find on the high street. 

Crazy interest and lots of questions led to a decision that was easy to make: ALL Revolting Girls apparel will also be available in adult sizes, from Small to XXXLarge.

Although we've really tried to offer a good range of colours and sizes, if the design you REALLY want isn't available in your favourite colour or size, PLEASE don't hesitate to get in touch. We might just be able to work something out!