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Revolting Girls, Girls Just Wanna Do Sums feminist slogan white tshirt. Organic, Fair Wear, vegan friendly
Revolting Girls, Girls Just Wanna Do Sums feminist slogan pink tshirt. Organic, Fair Wear, vegan friendly
Girls Just Wanna Do Sums Tee

Girls Just Wanna Do Sums Tee

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D'you remember being at school and at some point maths and science subjects kinda became known as 'a boy thing'?

By the time I was into my early teens, I had most certainly got the impression from somewhere that boys tended to be better at those things; like, girls were better at languages and art subjects supposedly but the lessons in what are now known as the STEM subjects were definitely the domain of the boys. 

I was educated in England where the school set up is slightly different but as we got older and started to choose which subjects to continue to study, the divide was clear as day. I think there might've been one girl (two at a push) who studied maths up to the equivalent of Leaving Cert?

The idea that the lack of representation of girls in STEM subjects is down to their lack of ability just doesn't add up.

Meta analyses have shown that when it comes to brain power, we're all far more similar than we are different so what else could be causing girls to steer clear of STEM subjects?

Succumbing to crappy old gender stereotypes that leave girls feeling inadequate and less likely to succeed.

That's what.

This straight talking tshirt says it all.

What's so good about these Revolting Girls tshirts then?!

All of Revolting Girls tshirts are FairWear certified; I know you're wondering what that even means so here's a blog post I wrote with the scoop about how ace it is.

They're also made from 100% organic ringspun combed cotton (again, more gobsmacking info here) which makes them SUPER soft, durable and full of feeling-good-cos-its-way-better-than-non-organic-ness.

Our tshirts are PETA certified as vegan friendly, so you can be sure that none of our furry friends have been killed or harmed in their manufacture. And by 'furry friends' I mean animals and not my post summer legs.

To cut a long story short:

Girls can do whatever the bloody hell they want too, and that includes studying and working within the STEM field of subjects.

We all know that already but this straight talking tshirt will make sure everyone else does too.

Have a goo at the full Revolting Girls Street Soap Box collection here

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