Annie Wilkes, from Misery Tee –
Annie Wilkes, from Misery Tee
Annie Wilkes, from Misery Tee

Annie Wilkes, from Misery Tee

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I hadn't seen the movie Misery until relatively recently and it was only more recently again that I read the Stephen King novel that the movie was based on. 

You know how I find it hard to concentrate for long enough to read much these days? Well, this book had me gripped. And absolutely pissing terrified.

I'd often heard people say they'd found such and such a book scary and couldn't figure out how it could possibly be, just close the book? I didn't get it at all until I was so enthralled in Misery that I was actually frozen with fear waiting for Annie Wilkes to come home and find Paul Sheldon in places he shouldn't have been. Fuck, it was intense.

And the movie?!

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it. Now. Watch it now.

Go on. Watch it.

Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes is one of the most bad ass, scary bitches I've ever seen on screen. She is absolutely epic and well deserving of her very own Revolting Girls design in tribute. (And her Best Actress Oscar, of course).

What's so good about Revolting Girls tshirts?!

All of Revolting Girls tshirts are FairWear certified; I know you're wondering what that even means so here's a blog post I wrote with the scoop about how ace it is.

They're also made from 100% organic ringspun combed cotton (again, more gobsmacking info here) which makes them SUPER soft, durable and full of feeling-good-cos-its-way-better-than-non-organic-ness.

Our tshirts are PETA certified as vegan friendly, so you can be sure that none of our furry friends have been killed or harmed in their manufacture. And by 'furry friends' I mean animals and not my post summer legs.

To cut a long story short:

You'll have to watch a lot of movies to come anywhere near close to finding one with as thrilling, scary and bad ass a leading woman character as Annie Wilkes. Holy shit, she is something.

I love the idea of giving this tshirt as a gift to someone you love but enjoy making feel a bit weirded out, or keep it for yourself cos you know life's always better when you're your own number one fan. 

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