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Revolting Girls, feminist slogan "This Girl is Revolting" mounted print

This Girl Is Revolting Mounted Print

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Since we first named this business, we've had to face a fair bit of questioning about our choice.

"Revolting? What like...disgusting? Nah, don't like it"

And yeah, we get it...some people don't understand the pun, some people don't want to understand the pun and some people do understand the pun, but "girls aren't revolting, so...?!"

I'm sure you know that girls can be, and are, revolting when we want to be; we pick our toes, and our spots. We use those funny foot peels that let you tear the skin off your feet as though it were old wallpaper. We regularly use dry shampoo cos it'll save us having to actually wash our hair and so gives us an extra half hour in bed. 

We're also revolting.

We're revolting against gender roles and stereotypes that try to dictate what we should be and what we should do with our lives.

We revolting against a lack of representation.



Art work is mounted, available in three sizes as above and is printed on high quality, 260gsm linen card stock.

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