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Revolting Girls, Go And Shite Irish slogan mounted print
Go And Shite Mounted Print
Go And Shite Mounted Print

Go And Shite Mounted Print

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Revolting Girls wanted to add our own Love Heart to the pick n mix party and went for a slightly different, but infinitely more useful turn of phrase on our sassy sweet treat.

The big question is, where are you going to display this sassy sweetheart of a print?

The downstairs toilet?

The hallway, so the chuggers can get a peek when you resentfully open your front door to them?

Are you gonna give it as a gift to your always super stressed work colleague to proudly display on her desk?

Maybe your granny'd love one? It is her catchphrase after all.

What's so special about Revolting Girls prints?

All Revolting Girls art work is printed on high quality, 260gsm linen paper so it has a very subtle, but very lovely textured finish. 

The prints are available in three sizes; 8"x 6" (kinda A5 size), 8" x 10" and 10" x 12" and will arrive to you with a soft white mount ready for you to whack in a frame of your choice.

To cut a long story short:

It's a phrase known and loved up and down the country, and like the hairy mole on my left cheek, a little gift that's passed down through the generations.

'Go and Shite' will always raise a smile and possibly a bit of a temper, but when it looks this good does it really matter either way?

Take a look here for the full Revolting Girls Go and Shite collection, and here for all of our prints.

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