Ain't Nuthin' But A Tea Thing mug –
Revolting Girls, Ain't Nuthin' But A Tea Thing Mug. Salt N Pepa inspired. 10oz dishwasher and microwave safe.
Ain't Nuthin' But A Tea Thing mug

Ain't Nuthin' But A Tea Thing mug

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If there's one thing I love more than being alone in my car and singing (but definitely not rapping) at the top of my lungs, it's a good cup of tea.

Nothing fancy, just a green Lyons (or Yorkshire Gold, of course), one sugar and a splash of milk. That'll do pig, that'll do.

Actually, there is another thing. 

Having a tea receptacle that alludes to one of the greatest Feminist anthems ever written AND includes a ridiculous tea related pun. 

What's so good about Revolting Girls mugs?

Revolting Girls mugs are dishwasher safe; the design on them is definitely durable...there'll be nothing peeling off these bad boys. (Not like the one I bought off the high street for my eldest's Christmas stocking last year..Harry Potter's scar was worse than ever before by January)

Our mugs are also microwave safe so you can warm up that half a tin of beans from the fridge. Don't under any circumstances use it to reheat your tea though; not because it'll harm the mug but because that's just plain wrong. Never reheat tea.

The mugs are 10oz in size; if you're like me, that measurement will mean nothing to you so I'd better add that they're the usual, normal mug size. The mugs are big enough for a satisfying brew and a few dunkers but not so huge that you feel like you're drinking from a bucket.

To cut a long story short:

A tea related pun and a bad ass Feminist anthem reference...c'mon gals, what more could you ask for in a mug?!

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