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"Prose Before Bros" Recycled Shopping Bag

"Prose Before Bros" Recycled Shopping Bag

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I've been doing an online course recently and with it, of course, comes the need to type up loads of assignments.

Well, it feels like loads anyway...I've done one so far but it was a long one so I did technically write loads.

As I was working on it, I was thanking my lucky stars that I'm able to type as well as I can..I haven't a clue how many words a minute, but so long as I have my hand written notes at my side I can bang out a good bit of work quite quickly.

How those two finger typists managed I will never know. 

I'm also grateful of the fact that I actually LOVE words and using them to craft what are hopefully interesting and easy to read bits of information. Like this.

Being able to type, and my love for language are skills I'm so happy I have but there's one thing I really wish I could muster up a real passion for: reading.

I follow loads of book instagrammers and I'm always mad jealous of all of the places, loves and adventures they've encountered via their beautifully curated book shelves. Like, I read sometimes but these folk actually devour books. It's incredible; they go to the library and bring back as many as they can carry. I go to the library, borrow a book and then only return it when I've a bill to pay. 

I'm telling you all this is if these laudable literature lovers are something foreign to you too but chances are, if you're here, you are one and you know exactly how it feels to lug a haul of hardbacks around with you.

Do yourself and your poor arms a favour; these Revolting Girls shopping bags are perfect for doing the heavy lifting and the design shows exactly where your priorities lie.

What's so good about these Revolting Girls bags then?!

All of Revolting Girls bags are FairWear certified; I know you're wondering what that even means so here's a blog post I wrote with the scoop about how ace it is.

They're also made from 80% organic cotton (again, more gobsmacking info here) and 20% recycled polyester which makes them soft, durable and full of feeling-good-cos-its-way-better-than-non-organic-ness.

Our bags are PETA certified as vegan friendly, so you can be sure that none of our furry friends have been killed or harmed in their manufacture. And by 'furry friends' I mean animals and not my post summer legs.

To cut a long story short:

Regular readers are strong people, both physically from lugging books everywhere and mentally, cos they always stand firm in their view that yes, they will definitely read that book they're currently adding to their already huge TBR pile. Yeah, and that one. Yes. Yes. That other one too.

A good, strong bag will always be welcome though cos like mams up and down the country, they only have two bloody hands.

Revolting Girls bags are soft enough to fold up into your pocket when they're empty but are more than big enough to haul your hardbacks home on the bus.

They are super strong AND attractive (think Brigitte Nielsen in Red Sonja): The top edge is double folded for strength and a clean finish and their long handles are reinforced with cross stitch to ensure strength.

Dimensions: 49cm x 37cm x 70cm (handles)


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