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"Period Drama" Recycled Pouch
"Period Drama" Recycled Pouch

"Period Drama" Recycled Pouch

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again but how irritating is it to have to root through the bottom of your bag every time you need something?!

It's even more irritating when you're in a confined space that's either filthy or smells weird. You might be in a rush cos you have to get back to work or there's kids shouting at you through the keyhole that they need the toilet quick cos there's a poo coming. Right now. Like, now mammy. Mammy! Mammy!

In any case, ain't nobody got time for rooting.

Do yourself a HUGE favour; treat yourself to a pouch, whack all of your period products in it and go wherever you need to go.

No more rooting.

No more worrying that things aren't as hygenic as they should be.

No more looking for somewhere to sneak the empty wrapper.

No more wondering how to get your used re-usable home.

No more faffing.

What's so good about these Revolting Girls pouches?!

All of Revolting Girls pouches are FairWear certified; I know you're wondering what that even means so here's a blog post I wrote with the scoop about how ace it is.

They're also made from 80% organic cotton (again, more gobsmacking info here) and 20% recycled polyester which makes them soft, durable and full of feeling-good-cos-its-way-better-than-non-organic-and-non-recycled-ness.

Our pouches are PETA certified as vegan friendly, so you can be sure that none of our furry friends have been killed or harmed in their manufacture. And by 'furry friends' I mean animals and not my post summer legs.

The zip isn't one of those that'll pop or snag easily; it made of sturdy nylon with a cute herringbone pull. Size wise, the pouches are 21cm x 16cm.

To cut a long story short:

We're all sick of having to root around the bottom of our bag for pads, tampons, cups, wipes and all that shenanigans. We'd also rather not have it all rolling around our office drawers, amongst the pens, biscuits and tea bags. 

Whack it all in a Revolting Girls Period Drama pouch and Flo's your Aunt. 


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