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Organic vs Non Organic Cotton...What Exactly Is The Difference?!


So hopefully you've read my previous post about the FairWear Certification that our garments hold, and what that actually I thought I'd follow that with a little post to brag about the fact that our tshirts are all made of 100% organic cotton and what an incredibly huge difference that actually makes with regards to the process of making them and the superior quality of the finished product. 


So why is the manufacturing process of cotton so much better than non organic?

  • The seeds used are not genetically modified
  • Less machinery is used so less emissions
  • Crop rotation, the use of animal and plant manure and composting vastly improves the condition of the soil
  • The organic process conserves water and uses it more effectively
  • Soil balance and beneficial insects manage pests rather the using pesticides


How does this impact the farmers?

  • Since no pesticides or other chemicals are not used, workers experience far less respiratory problems and other health problems associated with exposure to chemicals
  • The absence of chemicals also means that local drinking water is safer
  • Farmers are able to grow more than one type of crop meaning they're able to supplement their food and income
  • No children or pregnant women are employed as field workers


I knew organic cotton was a far better option that the standard but holy shit...

In 2015 alone, by growing organic instead of conventional cotton, farmers potentially saved:


Can you even believe that?!


As for the quality of the garments produced with organic cotton, there's huge benefits to be found there too...

  • Because no pesticides or other chemicals have been used in the growing or manufacturing process, there will be none retained in the garments themselves making it a waaaay better option for people with sensitive skin, allergies or anyone else who just doesn't like the idea of chemicals on their skin
  • Since it hasn't been treated with chemicals, organic cotton has more soft natural fibres left making the garments themselves waaay softer than usual
  • Organic cotton tends to be more durable because of the weaving process


Call me naive, but in researching this I've been absolutely fucking gobsmacked several times...seriously...those stats up there speak for themselves and make me SO pleased that even though our contribution is tiny, I know that Revolting Girls is doing our bit where we can.

(Now to use up all of our plastics so we can find an alternative to that too....)


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