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D'You Ever Feel Like You're Talking To A Fence?!


I'm LOVING being on Insta right now but the other night, I stumbled across this image ...



.....and it got me thinking about the importance of being present and visible.

It's a tough one though cos like maaaaaany women, I don't always feel totally comfortable with posting selfies and the very first photo that I've taken of myself...you know how it's often a 'best of ten' situation?!


You get it, I know you do.

Aaaaanyway, here's a bit more about me, the 'Gail @ Revolting Girls' who creates, prints, packs and posts, who signs off the emails, posts the Insta Stories and tries now and again to encourage people to join that bloody Facebook group!

I bet you haven't joined have you?!



1. I've lived in County Cavan for a bit more than 10 years now; I was actually born and raised in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in the UK. Himself tells me I used to have a seriously impressive, Emmerdale Farm style Yorkshire accent which has slowly disappeared over the year...I'm actually gutted about this but can hardly start putting it on at this stage.

2. I went to The University of Leeds and studied Linguistics and Phonetics with French. I studied how languages evolve, where they come from in the first place, how gender affects the way we use and interact with language and speech, the psychology of language, how we physically produce the sounds that we do in order to speak and understand...You could say that language and its use are huge loves of mine.

3. My most recent 'normal job' was working in Early Education which I absolutely bloody loved despite it being physically and mentally exhausting. I gave all that up about two years ago when I became a full time Foster Carer, which is amazing but can also be physically and mentally exhausting...I guess I'm a sucker for punishment.

4. I'm sometimes asked what my favourite Revolting Girls designs are...I obv have a fondness for aaaaall of them but at the minute I'm especially loving the Amy Winehouse tshirt, the Wednesday Addams designs and our Dolly Parton mug.

Oh, and the Annie Wilkes from Misery tshirt always makes me laugh cos she's such a scary bitch and her face in that image! That design really tickles me, haha.


5. I LOVE listening to music when I'm working..right now, I have Lizzo playing on Spotify. I ADORE HER and am dealing daily with the devastation of not getting tickets to see her in Dublin. WAAAAAAAAH. I also like to chew on a pen when I'm writing blog posts like this, I'm currently enjoying a Bic Round Stic.


Wanna know more?!


6. I keep receiving messages on Facebook about a school reunion that's planned for later in the year (I think?!). UGH. 

7. I'm a plus size gal, always have been which has led to major body issues over the years but hey, I'm slowly getting better at all this 'body confidence' business.

You can probably guess my train of thought there.

8. I'm a huge sufferer of Imposter Syndrome but the more I'm aware of it in myself, the more I see it in other people so I'm starting to think we're all just wandering round in a constant state of self doubt and worry. Maybe this is just the 'adulting' everyone talks about?!

9. My favourite parts of Revolting Girls? The initial coming up with ideas, seeing your response to them on social media, proudly strutting in to the post office with my bag of parcels and then seeing pics of Revolting Girls goodies in their new homes. If you buy from Revolting Girls, PLEASE tag me us in pics. It seriously brightens my day and it's great for people to be able to see 'real life' pics too.


And that's a little round up of me!

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